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Underwriting and Servicing

USA Business Lending has the ability to handle underwriting and servicing for your loan portfolio of any size financial institution. As an expert in both conventional and SBA loan program creation, we’ll ensure all compliance and due diligence throughout the loan process and beyond.

Secondary Market Services

USA Business Lending is able to package and sell off the SBA-guaranteed portion on the financial institution’s behalf. From preparing bid sheets for investors, distributing all monies collected from buyers to the lender and collecting and processing all loan payments, we handle every aspect you’ll need.

Third Party Audits and Policy Compliance

USA Business Lending handles all legal procedures: from recording UCC and lease documents to servicing auditing requests from any sized financial institution and all regulatory agencies such as the SBA and DFI.

Loan Participation

Offering financial institutions to create participation agreements with other financial institutions to garner great market share and solidify existing business relationships with current clients. You will now be able to make loans that over your current loan limits which decrease the possibility of turning away loan requests from your clients.

Underwriting and Servicing

From fully underwriting, loan packaging, processing and servicing, we have the resources to fill your needs. We will do this for a minimal fee. We are your in-house underwriters for your financial institution.